Augie’s Fabulous Freshman Winning Despite Youth

Augie's Fabulous Freshman Winning Despite Youth

SIOUX FALLS, SD… On any given night four freshman could be starting for Augustana.

“We can win we can lose. We can win big we can lose big.. You never know. If there were odds makers for Division II basketball we would be driving Vegas nuts because there is no way of predicting how this team is going to play,” says Tom Billeter Augustana Head Coach.

Freshmen- Dylan Lebrun, AJ Plitzuweit, Michael Schaefer and Trevor Hanson are making each game exciting.

“We’re really young and I think we surprised a lot of people with what we’ve been able to accomplish so far,” says Dylan LeBrun (Flandreau).

“We came in a right away it was like we were playing for four years already, and that’s the unique part about us,” says AJ Plitzuweit (Vermillion).

In Billeter’s 16th season leading the Vikings, he hasn’t seen a team quite like this one.

“I’ve never been around a group that doesn’t really care who scores or how they do it. I’ve never been around a less selfish group. They’re very unselfish,” says Billeter.

“we’re very very tight. Our chemistry is really well. We hang out together outside of practice we do things together as a team,” says Trevor Hanson (Sioux Valley).

There isn’t one senior on the squad.. Giving the freshman plenty of minutes.

“You got to remember that four of these five starters were playing high school schedules. These are true freshman not redshirts,” says Billeter.

They’re only months removed from high school- facing a higher challenge that’s had plenty of highs and lows

“We also realize we can win now and do big things now, so that’s what we’re focusing on,” says Michael Schaefer.

“We came in and we wanted to win right away.. We had high expectation and I think we still have high expectations,” says AJ Plitzuweit.

Leaving no questions about the future..

“Oh I think our future is unbelievable, and they’re a great group. They’re fun to be around and I like coaching them,” says Billeter.

“The main thing that sticks out to me is that we can be really special,” says Hanson.”

“We’re young and we’re hungry. That’s about it,” says Schaefer.

….As the freshman make themselves familiar faces.

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