Someone You Should Know: The Blue Light Podcast

GARRETSON, S.D.– Small towns normally don’t do a lot of their own promotions, but Tyler Ramsbey is doing that for the town of Garretson. A town of about 1,166 people.

He’s doing it through a podcast, specifically, “The Blue Light Podcast”. Ramsbey had an idea in mind when he wanted to start it.

“I wanted to figure out a way to meet different community leaders and add value to the community outside of a Sunday morning, so I thought, I have a microphone, I actually used to record music. I had some gear leftover from that so I thought, man I have this stuff, why don’t I start a podcast”, he said.

He wanted to bring his community closer together by promoting its everyday citizens. “Each person has a significant story, maybe you don’t have the opportunity to go out and meet with them, but you can watch the podcast and get to know some of the people in their communities. So, when you see them at the grocery store you can be like, hey, I kind of met you!”, said Ramsbey.

Ramsbey is the lead pastor at Renovation church, a father, and a husband. He wants to raise a family in a tight knit community, and he sees that in Garretson, and through his podcast.

“The cool thing about where people actually know each other and care for one another, when you raise kids in this environment, they get that spirit of community, and love, and fellowship”, said Ramsbey.

He hopes that this idea catches on to more communities, and he has a little bit of advice for those that are looking to start out, saying, “Be a bee, not a vulture, vultures always find dead stuff. Bees find stuff that are alive, so look for the positives in your community. Every single community has positive things that can be highlighted”.

Ramsbey highlights those positives in Garretson every week on his podcast. He does them through Facebook live.

You can type in “The Blue Light Podcast”, in the search bar at the top of Facebook’s. Once you hit enter, his will be the top page.


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