Ciara Duffy Carries on Family Tradition of Basketball Excellence

Ciara Duffy Carries on Family Tradition of Basketball Excellence

VERMILLION, SD…Ciara Duffy is a winner.

In three years in Vermillion, the versatile forward has helped lead the Coyotes to more than 70 victories.

“I kind of like getting to play a couple different positions. You know it keeps things interesting and it’s fun to be kind of able to fill whatever the team needs.” USD Junior Forward Ciara Duffy says.

You can see why winning is so important when you look at Ciara’s siblings.

“There’s competition within the course of probably who gets to eat in that family because they have so many kids in their family for those kind of things!” USD Head Coach Dawn Plitzuweit says.

All SEVEN of them.

“They kind of forced me to toughen up a little bit because they were definietly better than me. It helped me to develop my love of the game but it also made me a lot tougher.” Duffy says.

The Duffy family has a long basketball tradition in South Dakota that dates back to Ciara’s grandfather at the University of Sioux Falls. Her four older siblings all played in college too, including Caitlyn at USD and Moira at USF.

“I loved growing up in a big family. I loved getting to do everything with my siblings, including playing basketball. We were never forced into it but we all wanted to be together and this was something we could all do together.” Ciara says.

Which helped make Ciara a champion and all-state star at St. Thomas More by, in many ways, combining all the talents of her sisters.

“She’s really a prototype, she can play anywhere. She has a very high basketball IQ but most importantly she’s as competitive a young lady as you’re ever going to be around.” Plitzuweit says.

Potential she’s realized at USD by scoring more than 1100 points in her career and showing that the best way to win…

“The one thing that I would love to be known for is being a good teammate. In the end you don’t remember the specific wins or losses but those relationships are really what you’re going to remember.” Duffy says.

…Is to treat a team like your family.

In Vermillion, Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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