‘OneLink’ Connects Citizens to City

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The only way you used to be able to report a problem to the city was calling and waiting for a fix.

“To us, innovation is really taking an old problem and finding a new solution for it. There was nothing really as old as potholes and snow removal,” said Director of Innovation and Technology for Sioux Falls Jason Dorfer.

There’s now a new solution. A free app where you can contact the city immediately, and see results almost right away. “We have tons of folks calling in all the time, that process is not efficient. This app allows people to take pictures, continue their drive to work, report the issue from work. They don’t have to actually be at the site of the issue to report the problem,”said Dorfer.

The creators of the app take pride in how easy it is to report an issue, and the different types of issues there are to report.

“One of the things that we like about this over our old system is the ability to have a picture included. A picture is worth a thousand words,” said Information Technology Analyst Dan Friedbauer. “We love the aspect of citizen engagement, our city staff gets to communicate back and forth on these issues in a real efficient way, and it’s there for everybody to see so we know what’s been talked about, what’s been discussed, and so a lot of easy use for the customer was in mind here,” according to Jason Dorfer.

Dorfer explains that once you report an issue, the city is notified immediately.

“The tickets get assigned to someone in the city. We’ve predetermined a primary responder and a back up responder so they’ll get a notification for that. They’ll either escalate and close the ticket themselves, or they’ll reassign it to another team member that’s more appropriate.”

Through the app, you can monitor the progress of not only the issue you reported, but any issues in Sioux Falls. “You can set up even watch areas around your neighborhood so if you wanted to keep an eye on a certain core area, whether it’s at work or at home, that way you can be aware. The app’s got a really good social aspect to it so citizens are kind of aware of other issues in the area that might be of interest to them,” said Dan Friedbauer. Another unique feature is that as mother nature switches things up, so does the app, and the types of issues you can report.

“Maybe lawn watering guidelines when that season comes upon us to other options throughout the year just as the season change,” said Friedbauer.

The app is free to download from Google and Apple app stores.

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