After 20 Years, Video Plus Is Closing

DELL RAPIDS, SD- For some, going to rent a movie at the video store was a weekly tradition.  But now that is quickly turning into a distant memory.

“It started out as (kind of) a joke, but as I started looking into it a little bit more and knowing the person that owned the land here, talking to him about building a strip mall, it all just fell into place,” says Video Plus Owner Dan Ahlers.

Since 1999, the Video Plus store has let the community rent over half a million videos.  Just last year, 25-thousand movies were rented from the store.  Although there’s competition with different streaming companies, what ultimately closed the store was not having the movies themselves.

Ahlers explains, “Our distributor is having a hard time getting movies. I used to be able to run down to Target or Best Buy and maybe pick up a copy if it didn’t come in. But now there are times that I get down there and they don’t have it either. This whole store was built around service.”

Instead of thinking about the negatives and what could have been, Dan Ahlers is thinking of the people and how a community is grieving over essentially losing a historic treasure.

“It is going to be a big change. I want to end this on a positive note with people having those good, lasting memories,” says Ahlers.  “I think that’s really important to me and I know it’s important to the people that have worked here.”

Movies create memorable moments, and this is a moment the town will never forget.   The last day of renting videos was on Sunday.  The store is now selling off its inventory and will close on the 15th.

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