Tea Area Titans led by Dynamic Duo

Tea Area Titans led by Dynamic Duo

TEA, SD…Justin Hohn and Noah Freidel are the dynamic duo of South Dakota prep basketball.

“I would definitely take Batman. He knows I’m Batman, there’s no discussion!” Tea Senior Noah Freidel says.

“I’ll take Robin because I think I’m smarter. I think I’m smarter for sure!” Tea Senior Justin Hohn says.

The know their roles because they know each other so well.

“We’re at each others houses every other day at least. He’s an athlete and he’s a good scorer so he makes me look better a lot of times. And some times we get a lob or something, get the crowd hyped up, that’s what we try for.” Hohn says.

“He just is so much quicker, athletic. He can handle it better than any one. He’s put in the work, he’s been in the gym a bunch, to be able to do that. He just makes everything easier.” Freidel says.

And it’s helped make Tea a 20-1 top-ranked super power.

“Certainly neither one of them are afraid to step up in a big moment and take the big shot if need be. So each brings their own dynamic to the game but the bottom line is they both want to win and they’ll do whatever needs to be done for the team to get that.” Tea Head Coach Chris Fechner says.

Like all good comic book team-ups, this one is destined to end, with Justin set to play college ball at UC-Irvine next year while Noah heads to Wright State.

“It happens to everyone. Gotta move on, time for college. I’m excited and looking forward to it but I’m definitely going to miss all of them.” Freidel says.

And winning a second state title in three years would be a pretty good final chapter.

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