3 Takeaways for Parents from “Momo Challenge”

Some call it a concerning “Challenge” targeting our children. Others say the only ones falling for it are overprotective adults and there’s really nothing to it. Regardless, the Momo Challenge continues to appear on countless social media feeds worldwide, and it has a lot of our little ones very scared.

If there are any sincere takeaways from the viral hoax, one social media and Cybersecurity expert says it’s these three things.

Katie Shuck is a Cybersecurity Champion, Cyber Operations & Cryptography Student and CybHER Instructor from Dakota State University. Shuck tells parents:

  •  Know where your kids are online.
    • What devices do they use, apps, websites they visit, games they play, videos they watch?
    • Talk to kids about what they’re doing online.
  • Talk to your kids about online safety.
    • Remind them to not talk to or send information/pictures/videos to strangers; don’t post full names, address, phone #, email, school name, current or future location.
    • Keep having this conversation.
  • Teach kids to recognize that the Internet isn’t always true.
    • Remind them constantly that there are people who create fake profiles and videos to elicit responses/information from kids. If someone asks you to do something unkind or hurtful on the Internet, don’t listen to them and tell a parent, teacher, or responsible adult.
    • Verify information or requests you find/get on the Internet.
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