“Entrepreneurship Day” Declared in Sioux Falls With Help From 1 Million Cups Event

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – It’s a special day for the Sioux Falls business community.

Mayor Paul TenHaken declared March 6th “Entrepreneurship Day” in Sioux Falls.

A driving force behind that decision is the success of one program that’s still going strong after five years.

The Sioux Falls business community is strong and tight knit–but five years ago that wasn’t the case.

“Most entrepreneurs were operating on an island, working from home offices, didn’t see each other a lot,” said Matt Paulson, one million cups organizer. “And we know that small business owners work best together in collaboration with one another.”

So a small group got together to bring 1 Million Cups to Sioux Falls.

1 Million Cups is a nation-wide effort to connect members of the business community to one another all over a warm cup of coffee.

“When we started the organization here in Sioux Falls, we actually started it at a little table at Queen City Bakery. We quickly outgrew that space, we moved to the Design Center downtown, over to Prairie Berry, and now we’re here in this space,” said Addie Graham-Kramer, CEO of the Event Company at the Museum of Visual Materials in Downtown Sioux Falls.

What started as a small meeting, now packs in hundreds of people of all positions and business sizes just wanting to help each other out which is what makes 1 Million Cups unique.

“Be friendly, help one another out. We’ve got a spirit of you know just helping the next guy out after us, and that’s not true in every city,” said Paulson.

“Running your own business is lonely. And it’s hard,” said Mayor Paul TenHaken. “So being able to share best practices with other people learn from each other see what’s working and what isn’t working is really, really critical.”

And no matter the size of the business, the lessons learned and connections made are invaluable.

“We’ve had book deals that have been done in this room, new jobs that have been found, internships, really I think the possibilities are endless with this group,” said Graham-Kramer. “Really that connection point, and it’s all over a cup of coffee.”

1 Million Cups is open to the public.

It’s held every Wednesday morning at 9:30 at the Museum of Visual Materials in downtown Sioux Falls.

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