Someone You Should Know: 2019 Teacher of the Year

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Teaching can be a rewarding job, but those who do it aren’t always acknowledged for their hard work. One Lincoln High School teacher finally got the recognition her students say she deserves.

Lynn Thomason has taught Latin at Lincoln High School for 12 years.

“Teaching and being able to look out at such a wonderful sea of faces everyday is just full of promise and inspiration for just the best things to come in the world,” said Thomason.

For many students Ms. Thomason is their favorite teacher, which is why several students decided to write in and nominate her for “Teacher of the Year” for the Sioux Falls School District.

“She’s a super humble person, but I think she needs to be recognized more for what she does as a teacher and how much she impacts kids lives,” said junior Mitch Eichacker.

Students enjoy her teaching style.

“If you ask a question to Ms. Thomason, she’s always going to say ‘here it is, this is what it is and this is why’ and the explanation really helps me for my future,” said junior Johnathan Smith.

Eichacker says her lessons go far beyond the classroom though.

“She’s made me a better person. I mean she reminds me to stay humble, stay grounded and she kind of helps lead me in the right direction, you know if sometimes, if I am getting bogged down with school or life,” said Eichacker.

Ms. Thomason has been a finalist for the Dr. John W. Harris Teacher of the Year Award four times since 2012, but this year she finally won.

“I just, I couldn’t believe it,” said Ms. Thomason.

“It’s very humbling, very overwhelming.”

The most special part about winning for Ms. Thomason is the picture she received of her and her students the night of the award ceremony.

“I love that picture. It is my most prized possession right now. To have that many students there that night and then to get a picture with all of them afterwards, it’s just the best thing,” said Ms. Thomason.

Because, for Ms. Thomason, it’s not about winning, but about the lives she’s transforming.

“I care about them, not just when they’re in the seat in my classroom, but whatever they’re doing, whatever extracurriculars they are involved in, whatever’s going on outside of the classroom. I hope they know I care,” said Ms. Thomason.

Along with the award, Ms. Thomason also received a $4,000 check. There were 79 nominees for teacher of the year and the program is in its 31st year.

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