“There’s Something About the American Frontier You Can’t Find Anywhere Else”

Filmmaker with South Dakota roots explains why he came home to film Tater Tot & Patton
Film writer and director Andrew Kightlinger talks with KDLT News Today about his upcoming film, Tater Tot & Patton.

The landscape and energy of South Dakota is what writer and director Andrew Kightlinger says brought him back home to produce his most recent film, Tater Tot & Patton.

“It’s a love letter to South Dakota. I’m not originally from here, per se, but going to high school here and going to college here, I was just sort of swept up by beauty and the kindness of the people in South Dakota, so the movie is for them,” Kightlinger told KDLT News Today, a head of a statewide premiere.

The movie is also about dealing with grief, and loss, and finding healing in the most unexpected of places, he added. Learn more about the film in the clip below and here.

Kightlinger will be present for a number of the screenings and available for Q&A after the film. You can find more on the schedule here.

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