Bo the Beagle Helps Find Bedbugs in Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Bedbugs are a pest you never want to cross paths with, but unfortunately they are in Sioux Falls and sometimes they can be hard to find. So the business Dakota Bedbug Detection has a unique way of sniffing out the pests.

Over the years, nine-year-old Bo the Beagle has gotten pretty good at his job. He has his nose to thank for that.

“Beagles are in the scent hound group, so I think their name implies that they use their nose. It’s in their DNA to kind of be drawn to smells to guide their effort,” said Denise Patton, owner of Dakota Bedbug Detection.

If bed bugs are lurking, Bo can find them. He knows their smell pretty well and can detect the pheromones they give off.

“It’s still a surprise to a lot of people that there are dogs that can detect bed bugs. You know dogs can detect cancer and can detect a lot of really interesting things, so it’s no secret that dogs have been around a long time and are used in these purposes,” said Patton.

Bo and his trainer Patton are the perfect bed bug duo. He finds the pests and then she takes care of the rest as she’s an Entomologist, or insect scientist, who knows a lot about bed bugs.

“I still find that there are a lot of people who don’t know bedbugs are an issue in Sioux Falls. They either think they’re some sort of fairy tale or, ‘don’t let the bedbugs bite’ kind of thing,” said Patton.

However, bed bugs are here and the two stay pretty busy. Bo helps a lot with prevention. Some Sioux Falls businesses and hotels have him sniff around a couple times a year to sniff out rooms to make sure there are no bedbugs lurking. Denise says Bo helps gives everyone peace of mind.

“It really just gives people another tool in their tool box,” said Patton.

So as long as bed bugs are in Sioux Falls, Bo will continue to sniff out every last one.

Bo also spends his time practicing, so he can stay accurate. He is a working dog, so hunting for bedbugs is his life work. Sometimes Patton hides a vile of live bedbugs for him to sniff out. Once he finds it, he’s rewarded with a treat.

He is also certified in bedbug detection. He just got back from Minneapolis where he was re-certified with the “National Entomological Scent Detection Canine Association.”


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