City Proposes A Solution For Elmwood Avenue

SIOUX FALLS, SD-   For months, the residents and Lifescape have debated over the future of Elmwood Avenue.  The original plan was to close Elmwood completely, but the city has a solution they hope will make both parties happy.

“The proposed plan is to leave Elmwood Avenue open to traffic as a city street and a public right a way,” says City Engineer Chad Huwe.

The city’s proposal would make Elmwood Avenue a one-way street going northbound between 26th and 28th Streets.  In addition, they would add 42 diagonal public parking spots on the west side of Elmwood along with 10 parallel parking spaces on the north end.  This would also create a designated bus lane for students to enter and exit safely.  City officials say they hope this will proposal will provide a resolution for the future of the city.

“It’s a delicate balance in our growing town between growing development and respecting the integrity of neighborhoods. That’s been one of the greatest challenges we’ve had on the council and I always want to listen to both sides,” says City Council Member Theresa Stehly.

Elmwood is one way residents can connect to two main roads like 41st and Kiwanis.   If this street closed not only does this lose access to main roads, it would create other problems in the future.

Stehly explains, “If a fire truck would need to get into that neighborhood, just movement of traffic through that street was a real big concern with those outlying neighbors.”

The first reading of the proposal will take place on Tuesday during the City Council meeting.  Lifescape serves children and adults with disabilities.

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