Jaros Has Done Patriotic Duty for Lincoln

Jaros Has Done Patriotic Duty for Lincoln

SIOUX FALLS, SD….Like many in South Dakota, Jared Jaros comes from a basketball family, with older brothers Adam and Ty previously playing at Lincoln.

But there’s one thing that makes his lineage unique.

Jared Jaros, Lincoln Senior:”My great grandpa played in the NBA.  For the Minneapolis Lakers. I learned that a couple of years ago, that’s pretty cool…”

Almost as unique as his ability to get a shot seemingly anytime, anywhere, that’s made him the top scorer on the top-ranked Patriots.

Jaros says:”Just stay focused on the back of the rim and let it fly basically…”

Jeff Halseth, Lincoln Boys BB Coach:”Se he’s got to that point now where if they’re going to try and take away the 3’s from him he’s learned how to attack the basket a little bit. So he’s made himself a multi-dimensional type player…”

All of which nearly came to end four games into the season at Roosevelt when Jared was afraid he’d torn his ACL.

Jaros says:”I didn’t feel anything when I was laying on the ground for a little bit. So I was just laying there and I told Halseth I thought I was done. I was pretty lucky, I had a lot of support from teammates, coaches and family and that was the best thing. It was definitely a good break…”

Halseth says:”He doesn’t like to be off the floor. So I’m glad we didn’t have to find out how he was going to handle that…”

The teams Jaros faces at the State Tournament this week might feel differently!

Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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