Brandon Green

Brandon comes from Maryland and joins the KDLT Team as a news and sports reporter.

Growing up in the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) sports area, Brandon developed a deep love for basketball. But, after his NBA dreams were shot down, Brandon started to focus on his love for talking about the game.

“I always liked to watch sports more than playing. There are so many storylines and back-stories that go into a game, and when you’re playing you cannot even think about them.”

Brandon graduated from Hood College in Frederick, Maryland. After his graduation, he worked as a sports reporter and producer for He is an avid Kobe Bean Bryant fan and loves his Spurs, Lakers and Philadelphia Eagles (p.s. 2018 Super Bowl Champs). When Brandon is not shooting a story or covering a game, you can find him at your local basketball gym or park. He believes that no one can guard his jump shot and he shoots as well as Stephen Curry.

If you see him around town do not be afraid to say hello or give story ideas.

Follow Brandon on Twitter @bgreen_KDLT, facebook and snapchat @beegreen96.

Send story ideas to his email:

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