Counties Advise No Travel as They Run Out of Barricades

State and county officials throughout South Dakota are advising no travel on Thursday as blizzard conditions persist in the western half of the state and flood waters continue to rise in the east.

The Interstate west of Chamberlain remains closed at this hour to Rapid City. State offices are all closed. And first responders are asking you stay off the roads in many areas unless its absolutely necessary to travel. Not only are you putting yourself at risk, says Colonel Craig Price, but those that would need to come to your rescue, if you get in an accident or stranded.

The Sheriff’s Office in Turner County tells KDLT News they are out of road barricades at the moment. In Lincoln County, officials tell us they are still advising no travel on county roads, especially again tonight after dark. They too, have run out of road signs. In Hutchinson County the Courthouse has closed for the day. No travel is advised there either, and we are hearing the same thing from Hanson, Sanborn and other county officials as well. Minnehaha County continues to update on its social media, areas of concern or closure.

Meteorologist Aaron Doudna says, if there is any good news with all of this, it’s that the second band of heavy rain that was slated to come through our area yet this morning, appears to be staying to the south. The next round of severe weather we will see should come in the form of snow and wind.

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