Flandreau Monitoring Downtown Partial Building Collapse

Surrounding businesses close while decision is made on how to proceed

Thursday’s driving rain exacerbated the deterioration of a downtown historic building in Flandreau.

Residents were evacuated from their apartments and neighboring businesses closed as stones fell off of the back of the building on 2nd Avenue. Firefighters and local police spent the day monitoring the situation while city officials met with the building’s owner, out of Sioux Falls.

Residents throughout the community and nearby business owners have long expressed concern about the building and its occupants. Among the many concerns, the backside of the building has shown some bowing over the past year with only minor repairs made.

No word on what might be done for the occupants of several apartments on the first and second floors of the building. Neighboring business owners, meanwhile, await word as to what might be done to either structurally shore up the building, or see it razed. Among the businesses shuttered, is the Flandreau Bakery, which brothers, Don and Ed Duncan, have operated six days a week — for decades, never missing a day of making their beloved donuts.

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