Operation Prom Dress

SIOUX FALLS, SD- Prom season is just around the corner and every girl wants to find the perfect dress.  But those outfits usually come with high price-tags.  One event in Sioux Falls aims to give girls a dress they love for free.

Since 2007 at Lincoln Hills Bible Church, “Operation Prom Dress” has helped girls find everything for prom from the dress all the way to the shoes at no cost.  More than 1-thousand dresses along with shoes and jewelry were donated for Saturday’s event.   Organizers say “Operation Prom Dress” is for girls from families of all income levels.  They say the most rewarding part is seeing girls light up with excitement.

“They come in here thinking that they’re not going to find the right dress or the perfect dress. Then they walk out with their dream dress and that’s really cool. It’s also cool to see all the ladies, who are volunteering, just be their cheerleaders to encourage them and say ‘yes that’s the dress,’ “says Coordinator of Operation Prom Dress Lauren Banik.

Dresses can be donated year-round and the dresses that aren’t picked are stored for next year.

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