City Officials Announce Daily Press Conference as Floodwaters Rise

With potentially historic floodwaters expected through the Big Sioux River basin in the coming days and weeks, Sioux Falls city officials announce they will be holding daily press conferences to offer residents the most up-to-date information about what is happening.

City officials, in a press release Tuesday morning, stated they will be providing revised flood forecasts and operational updates each day through at least the end of this week. Snowmelt and potential rains forecast for this weekend may impact local waterways and cause additional flooding.

Floodwaters throughout the city only recently receded after heavy rains and snowmelt forced dozens of area residents from their homes along with the closure of roads, parks, and businesses.

The National Weather Service expects this next round of flooding to be more severe, as snowpack north of the city quickly melts with nowhere to go as the ground remains frozen. Representatives from the City’s Unified Command Response Team and Minnehaha County Emergency Management will be on hand to share the latest developments along the Big Sioux and in each of the affected communities as floodwaters rise.

State officials Tuesday morning also announced a list of state parks and other public water access points along the Big Sioux River that are closed either immediately or in part, while they monitor the situation and work to keep everyone safe. That list can be found here.

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