Authorities Seize 485 Grams of Marijuana in Sioux Falls Drug Bust

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Police say they seized more than a pound of marijuana in a drug bust Tuesday night.

Police say the Narcotics Crime Unit was granted a search warrant for a house in the 2200 block of South Covell Avenue after they received several reports of short-term traffic.

After searching the house, police found 485 grams of marijuana, several vape pen cartridges containing THC, THC wax, and a prescription pill. Police say they also found paraphernalia, scales, containers with trace amounts of THC, and other packing materials.

Police say short-term traffic reports are important in identifying possible drug dealing operations.

“Those are the types of tips that we want, those obviously are big indicators that drugs are being sold,” said Officer Sam Clemens. “When people see this type of traffic, call the police, those cases get assigned to our Narcotics Crime Unit. They’re the ones that would then follow up on it and hopefully end up with a result like this, where we’re able to arrest people for dealing drugs in a neighborhood.”

21-year-old Nathanial Eckerson, 22-year-old Amanda Kubiak, 22-year-old Malik Sanders, and 23-year-old Montrell Moore, all from Sioux Falls, are facing various drug charges. 21-year-old Trentin Hymer, from Aurora, Colorado, is also facing drug charges.

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