Sioux Falls Prepares for Second Round of Flooding

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- As southeastern parts of our viewing area stare down the second round of flooding, cities are doing whatever they can to help residents prepare.

This includes Sioux Falls providing a sand bag filling site at Sherman Park off of Cliff Avenue.

The city is allowing 25 bags of sand to be filled per trip, per household. They want folks to know that they can return to fill more as many times as they need to.

Coming together is what volunteers say it’s all about. “One Sioux Falls just like the mayor says. That’s what we need to focus on is just being a community”, said John Bowman, who was taking his time to volunteer at Sherman Park.

Bowman goes on to talk about how contagious the volunteering has been, saying, “we had people showing up and getting sandbags themselves. Then signing up right afterwards to volunteer to give back, basically, they’re taking sandbags and helping others get sandbags”.

Residents voiced their appreciation for the city’s efforts. “I like what they’re doing for the free service. There’s a free dump at the landfill too, we just got back from the landfill for flood rubble. I like what they’re doing and they’re trying to help as much as they can for what’s coming”, said Dylan Peterson, a resident of Sioux Falls.

Mark Cotter, the director of Public Works in Sioux Falls, said they are finalizing a door hanger.

This yellow door hanger is going to be placed on the homes within the 100 year flood plain, with more information on how residents can prepare their homes for flooding.

Flood plains are maps drawn by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or, FEMA, highlighting areas that are more prone to flooding.

Homes that are within FEMA’s highlighted area, will receive one of those yellow hangers on their door.

Minnehaha County residents now have options as well. Crews have opened a 24 hour sandbag filling station at the Dell Rapids Maintenance shop. Sand, shovels, and sandbags will all be provided.

If you would like to volunteer in helping flood relief, or are in need of help, you can call the Sioux Falls flood hotline at 211. Since the start of the hotline, they have received 62 calls from people wanting to volunteer, while 68 calls have been people need assistance.

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