Second Round of Flooding Could Affect Planting Season

LYONS, S.D. – Fall was a wet season for farmers and they haven’t been able to catch a break since. Last week’s flooding has affected a lot of farms and now farmers with land near rivers and streams have to worry about the possibility of a second flood.

At his farm in Lyons, Grain Farmer Jeff Thompson received four inches of rain this past flood. Some of his land is at the bottom of Skunk Creek. Water from the swollen creek poured over onto his land.

“I have some ground that’s sitting under water, but it’s kind of typical, but it’s probably the worst that we’ve seen for a long time and you know, time will tell going down the road. A month from now if it’s like this we’ll be really worried then,” said Johnson.

With planting season coming up in mid-April, all this water isn’t ideal for planting crops.

“Slows down the progress. You know, there’s a lot of work. You know, fertilizer and stuff like that will have to be applied in the spring,” said Thompson.

He asks that folks keep farmers in mind during this stressful time.

“A lot of guys, their own basements are probably flooding also, but you know they’ve got the livestock and a lot of their way of life is affected also. You know, it’s our livelihood,” said Thompson.

Depending on how long it takes the water to soak in, planting season could be delayed.

“You can’t push it too early or you just make a mess of the fields, you know, muddying them up and you know, you have to wait for it to dry up and the conditions are right,” said Johnson.

It could also affect what crops farmers decide to plant.

“There could be you know, acres that maybe they were going to go with corn and they’ll have to end up being beans as the planting date gets pushed back too late,” said Thompson.

Thompson says right now there’s not much farmers can do but wait.

“We rely on mother nature, so it’s a bad time sometimes. You know, take it in stride and move forward and keep a positive attitude. We’re pretty tough,” said Thompson.

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