Someone You Should Know: Chad Pickard’s Passion for Bicycling Extends into Schools

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – A Sioux Falls man with a passion for biking is hoping to pass on his love for two wheels to the next generation.

Chad Pickard’s life revolves around two wheels.

He’s made his passion his life’s work, as the owner of “Spoke-N-Sport” bicycle shop.

“Everybody here, we truly believe the bike is an amazing tool that allows you to do many things, from transportation to exercise, to things of that nature,” he said.

Pickard remembers when he got his first bike, and the freedom that came along with it.

“We were able to go see our friends who lived four, five blocks, maybe a mile away.”

He says not many younger kids are getting that same experience these days.

“We don’t have future cyclists coming through the generations anymore because they don’t have bikes; they have phones and gaming systems.”

So Pickard’s wheels started turning.

How could he make it possible for every kid to get on a bike?

That’s where the Rapid City-based Strider Education Foundation rolled in.

Together, Pickard’s Spoke-N-Sport team and the Foundation are working to bring a Strider bike program to Cleveland Elementary School.

“It teaches every kid going through that program how to ride a bike.”

Pickard’s team will build 28 Strider bikes, one for every student in the PE class.

He hopes this program will eventually expand into every school in the Sioux Falls district.

“I think what we’re looking forward to most is kids having something different and exciting that they can continue with as they grow older.”

The benefits of biking Pickard knows quite well, it keeps you active and gets you outside.

So every day, he works to encourage more people to grab life by the handlebars and go.

“You can just get on and go. There’s really not much that holds you back, just how far you want to go with it.”

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