KDLT AT THE NCAA TOURNAMENT-Tagyn Larson Flourishing Back Home With SDSU

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SYRACUSE, NY  —  Whether the competition was from sister Wagner or brother Cody…

“I think we played horse a couple times. I don’t remember who won but I’m going to say it was me!” SDSU Junior Forward Tagyn Larson says.

….or fellow prep stars like Macy Miller at Mitchell….

“You know I didn’t really talk to her much and Roosevelt. Us and Roosevelt we weren’t really the biggest of fans going against each other. I remember in the high school basketball tournament we wanted to beat them so bad.” Miller says.

…Tagyn Larson always excelled at Roosevelt, becoming a four time all state honoree, and getting a scholarship to play at the University of Iowa in 2015.

“I thought it was going to be a great fit. I really liked the university, still like it, it’s a great university to go to. But then, when I got there, it just didn’t feel right. Wasn’t quite what I was expecting.” Tagyn says.

So she followed Cody’s lead and transferred to SDSU, coming back to family and her high school sweetheart, former Jackrabbit quarterback Taryn Christion, who she’s now engaged to.

“He’s so supportive. I think he’s our biggest fan! He loves watching me and everyone on the team so it’s really fun having him support me like that. Coming back to SDSU has been a great decision. I love it, I love being here in my state in front of my family and friends.” Larson says.

All of which has helped her flourish in Brookings. In her second season she’s averaging more than ten points and six rebounds per game.

“She’s shooting the ball, she’s defending, she’s rebounding. We always felt like this could be the Tagyn especially when we saw her years ago coming to our camps and just kind of a part of SDSU.” SDSU Head Coach Aaron Johnston says.

“Tagyn is really fun and has a great personality. And I’m glad she’s on our team because she’s so athletic and she’s hard to guard even in practice so I’m glad we and I don’t have to guard her!” SDSU Senior Miller says.

It’s no surprise….

“It’s just kind of a sense of pride playing for my state where I call home. So it’s super special to be here.” Tagyn says.

….since home always brought out the best in Tagyn.

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