Flooding Could Impact Start of Mosquito Season

SOUTH DAKOTA -A lot of folks have been wondering about the correlation between our current flooding and upcoming mosquito season.

The bad news, aside from the flooding itself, is that this increases our chance in seeing an uptick of mosquito numbers early this summer.

This time around, our flooding may have come at the right time. Denise Patton spoke with us about why flooding in the month of March isn’t all bad when it pertains to mosquitoes.

“Water needs to be about 55 degrees for a mosquito to complete its life cycle. And I think it’s a little cold yet, we’re not quite at that point. So, we’ll keep our fingers crossed that maybe we will get some sunshine, and get this dried up”, she said.

Patton also mentioned that the likelihood of disease-carrying mosquitoes, like West Nile Virus, were killed off from the extreme cold we had over the winter months.

So the kind of mosquito that we could see more often because of this flooding, she says, are the ones that just bite you a lot, and don’t carry any virus. She said that might make enjoying the outdoors a little uncomfortable. That’s if we can’t get rid of this standing water by the time temperatures really start to rise.

The weather has played a major role in lowering the risk of disease-carrying insects, killing them with the cold. The flooding, however, still increases our chances of seeing a large mosquito hatch in the early parts of summer.

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