A Trip That Could Change Everything

Cyber Security students at Dakota State University details the opportunities that could come from a national conference this week

Only a handful of students nationwide ever get this opportunity.

The 6th annual Women in Cyber Security (WiCyS) Conference kicks off Thursday in Pittsburgh. The best and brightest in their fields from industry, government, and academia will be there. And eight Dakota State Students have been accepted to attend as well.

The 500 students selected to attend all have to apply and be accepted for the conference. The annual gathering includes workshops on cyber security topics, speakers, poster sessions, as well as job and career fairs. It may sound and look like countless other conferences, but the opportunity, organizers tell KDLT, is unique. And it’s one DSU students aren’t taking for granted.

The faculty and staff at Dakota State University continue to promote women in Cyber Security and build up their programs at the school. For more information, click .

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