Flooding Creates Extra Hurdle for Sioux Falls Family

SIOUX FALLS ,S.D.- It’s been an overwhelming few weeks for homeowners who have had water in their basements from flooding. For one Sioux Falls family, it only adds to a list of hurdles they’re facing.

On March 20, the Krausman’s home felt more like an island. There were a couple feet of water in their backyard, and around 10 inches of water seeped into their basement. The pressure from all that water was enough to shatter their basement window. To make matters worse, Scott Krausman is battling glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer.

“You know, sometimes you wonder how many hits you can take you know, but it’s just, you gotta deal with it. It’s just the way it is,” said Scott Krausman.

It’s been stressful for him and his wife Dea, but they’re keeping a sense of humor through it all.

“I pretty much built everything in that basement three years ago and it was three quarters finished, now it’s unfinished,” said Scott as he sat back laughing. 

Scott says staying positive is the only thing he can do.

“Even though what I got diagnosed with is incurable, you know they say 50 percent of the fight is your own attitude, so if you don’t have a good attitude about it than you’re pretty much dead in the water,” said Scott.

The hardest part of the flood for Scott is that he hasn’t been able to help out.

“He can sit there, watch us taking everything out the front window, you know and I know what’s going through his mind,” said Dea.

However, his family’s not alone.

The community has helped them as Scott fights cancer and this flood has been no different.

“Probably 20 people I suppose and all helping trying to sand bag and this and that, “said Scott.

” You have ice and snow and all this water and it’s freezing cold and everybody is trenching through this with us,” said Dea.

It’s moments like those that help get the Krausmans through the tough times.

There’s still a lot of work to be done to clean up from the flood. The Krausman’s window still needs to be patched, there’s leftover sandbags, and they have to redo some of the basement that got wet.

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