Sioux Falls Flooding Update: Sandbag Drop off, Falls Park Opening

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- Just as the city provided an area for folks to fill their sandbags, they now are providing locations to drop them off.

Starting at 8am tomorrow citizens with unused sandbags will be able to dispose of them. Locations for drop offs will be at Riverdale Park, Tomar Park, and Sherman Park.

All three of these parks are to remain closed, but the parking lots are only to be utilized for emptying sandbags. The city wants folks to exercise patience in making their disposals.

“Please be careful, be conscious, take your time, and use the entire two weeks. And I think we’ll have an operation just like we had when we were filling and distributing bags”, said Chad Huwe with Sioux Falls Public Works.

The drop off sites will open each day through April 13th, from the hours of 8am to 7pm.

With the river levels already reaching their peak heights, some Sioux Falls recreational areas are opening back up.

Today, Falls Park, the city’s namesake park, opened back up to the public. This comes after the park was closed for 10 straight days.

The whole park is not open to the public, however. The lower viewing sites closest to the Big Sioux River sustained damage from the flooding, and those areas will still be closed off while the city works to repair the damage.

Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation is also opening up an 11 mile stretch of the highly utilized bike trail through the city.

The trail from 49th street in Sioux Falls, going north, to Falls Park Drive, is now open for biking. The trail goes under the bridge at Falls Park Drive, this portion remains underwater, and is closed off.

Folks can pick the trail back up after that, and it is open up to the levee system, on the very north end of the trail.

The flooding left behind some damage in a few spots, and the city wants people to exercise patience while cleanup begins.

“We also ask people to please be mindful while enjoying the recreational activities. Especially in these two areas because they were both recently flooded or part of the flood response”, said Kelby Mieras with Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation.

All other city parks along the Big Sioux River remain closed. River levels are expected to stay high for some time going forward. Until the water fully recedes, and clean up efforts in the parks can proceed, they will be closed.

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