School District Discussing Cuts to Art, Music and PE Class Time

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – There is discussion within the Sioux Falls School District about cutting down class time in art, music, and PE in elementary schools.  But, some parents aren’t happy with the idea.

“Especially at the elementary level, especially in winters like we have, where they don’t go outside for recess,” one parent said to the school board and district administration at a budget meeting Wednesday.

One parent showed up to that meeting to voice their concerns.  Others have taken to social media within the recently-created Facebook group ‘It All Matters Sioux Falls.’  Parents worry that shortening fine arts and physical education class time could affect kids’ overall health and behavior.  The school district has responded, saying their goal is always to keep school schedules from becoming overwhelming for teachers and to increase students’ grades.  Superintendent Dr. Brian Maher says they are still in the very early stages of this scheduling discussion and are far from a final decision.  In fact, he stops short of calling this any more than an idea.

“There is no proposal to make that cut. The conversation has been out there, and the conversation is going to inform us on what the schedule will look like. So I want to make that really clear, that there’s no proposal that we’re going to cut anything at this point,” said Superintendent Dr. Brian Maher.

Parents are asking administrators and the school board to continue listening to their concerns and to ask teachers for their thoughts before proceeding any further.


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