Addressing an Epidemic of Sexual Harassment

Sioux Falls crisis intervention program works with Remedy Brewing to kick off new campaign

“It went fantastic. The staff were so involved, it was a pretty fantastic experience,” said Matt Hastad, CEO of Remedy Brewing in Sioux Falls. The business just held the first ever sexual harassment recognition training this week in Sioux Falls as part of a new initiative to come out of The Compass Center – a local non-profit that provides crisis intervention, counseling, and advocacy for survivors of domestic/dating violence, sexual assault, child sexual abuse, and human trafficking/sexual exploitation.

“So often it’s so easy to see something and you have a gut feeling. You think, ‘it’s not my responsibility. It’s not my place to step in,'” said Hastad. “You have this opportunity to make a difference.”

The Compass Center would like to see this training become standard for all Sioux Falls area restaurants and bars in order to protect their own staff and patrons. About half of all sexual assaults happen when there is alcohol present. So Executive Director Michelle Markgraf says they’re taking the campaign straight to places where it’s served. For more information, click here.

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