Professional Bull Riders Donate Over 6k to Feeding South Dakota

PBR volunteered their free-time at Feeding South Dakota

SIOUX FALLS, SD— Some of the top bull riders in the world are in Sioux Falls this week.

They started off their visit at Feeding South Dakota and did not come empty-handed.

PBR not only brought their bull Zamperini, but also their appetite to serve the community.

“I don’t like to think that I’m ever too big to help out,” said Jess Lockwood, second-ranked PBR in the world. “You know, I’m just another guy and to able to help out. Help those in need, and just give a lending hand ever i think it’s something big.”

PBR donated over six-thousand dollars to the food bank.

“It’s extremely important to give back to the community,” said LJ Jenkins, former PBR rider. “They’re the ones that support us when we come to town, so we want to support them.”

While the food bank is a much different atmosphere than a rodeo, it’s still exciting for these riders.

“I would say that you get more of a thrill helping the community because you’re helping other people you’re not just helping yourself,” said Jenkins. “Being a professional athlete that is what sets aside professional bull riding with some other sports. You will see bull riders go up and want to talk to the fans and want to do what they can for them.”

The food bank says PBR’s donation will provide thousands of meals to people in need in South Dakota and was given in unforgettable fashion.

“We’re excited to have them in the house, along with their bull,” said Matt Gassen, CEO of Feeding South Dakota. “They brought a bull with them as well. We’re just really really humbled by the fact they would take time out of their busy schedules to volunteer time with us.”

So with the bull on hand, is it a chance for some to achieve their dream of riding it?

“Not a chance, my mama didn’t raise no fool!” said Gassen.

I guess they’ll leave the riding to the pros.

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