Someone You Should Know: Young Singer’s Success

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- A Sioux Falls seventh grader is accomplishing a lot at such a young age. She’s singing her way to some amazing experiences. KDLT’s Miranda Paige introduces us to this weeks Someone You Should Know.

Grace Fromknecht has some busy days with voice and piano lessons. As well as school and choir class at O’Gorman Junior High. However, she doesn’t mind as music is her life.

“I love how it’s a different form of expression than using regular words and there’s more emotion in singing and you can have more fun with it,” said Fromknecht.

Fromknecht’s summer is about to get even busier. Through a Middle School Honors Performance Series, she was selected for two special opportunities. In June she’ll sing at Carnegie Hall in New York. Then in July her talent goes international when she sings at Royal Festival Hall in London.

“I started yelling and I was running through the hallway telling my friends and everybody was really excited and I was really excited. I was not even thinking for a couple of hours. I was surprised I got in,” said Fromknecht.

Fromknecht says these trips will be life changing.

“Meeting all these other students and kids who love music just as much as I do and they’re there to learn from the directors and conductors and all the other musical experts and all the experience I know I’m going to gain from it,” said Fromknecht.

Fromknecht’s biggest music role model is her voice coach, Mike Eldred. He’s helped her train for these opportunities and has a background in broadway. He travels a lot, so they facetime their voice lesson every Saturday.

“We were really excited to get the news. I’m honored to be able to teach and do what I do for people like Grace and watch her grow and become better at singing and become a more confident person,” said Eldred.

Even at graces young age, she wants to use her voice to inspire others.

“I’ve been so blessed with it and I know there’s a lot of other kids that’d want to be going to Carnegie Hall too, so I feel like I’m kind of representing everybody who ever had a dream to do something like this,” said Fromknecht.

With hard work she says anyone can accomplish their dreams.

20,000 students were invited to audition and only 500 were selected for choir, orchestra and band combined for Carnegie Hall and the Royal Festival Hall.


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