The 5th Annual Arcade Bash Brings Autism Awareness

SIOUX FALLS, SD-  April is Autism Awareness Month and in Sioux Falls one charitable event is bringing attention to families impacted by autism.  All while providing kids and parents with a day of fun.

Sponsored by Click Rain, the Arcade Bash is a fundraiser to help pay for kids with autism to go to Joy Ranch, a summer camp near Watertown.  The event has raised 17-thousand dollars over the past 4 years.  Being autistic himself, Steven Prendergast started the event with the help of his family and Click Rain.  He says he wanted to combine his love for gaming and helping people.

“This day is so much bigger than me. The very fact that we have so many people helping us out. I could never do this buy myself. It’s a team effort like I’ve always said,” says Founder of the Arcade Bash Steven Prendergast.

The Electric Rainbow Arcade in the Western mall will donate 50% of their revenue on Sunday to the cause.  There was also a raffle at the event to raise money as well.

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