Miraculous Clean-up is Just Another Day at The Premier Center

Premier Center staff talk about clean-up after PBR event

SIOUX FALLS, SD—In the past few days the Premier Center in Sioux Falls has switched from ice to dirt and now back to ice.

The professional bull riders event wrapped up last night at the Denny.

This how the center looked Sunday night after the bull riders were done.

Just an insulated board left to protect the ice, which was underneath all along.

The premier center hosts a lot of different events.  But cleaning up dirt from the bull riding comes with its own challenges.

“PBR takes a little bit longer, than going from a concert to a basketball game, from football to hockey because of the dirt element. So we actually throw in an extra day for preparation,” said Mike Krewson, Premier Center General Manager.

The premier center will be ready for the stampede hockey game that will be played on Thursday.

But then they will have to switch to a turf field for the storm game on Friday.

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