Outdoor Campus Center Favorite Bridge is Closed

Due to flooding the bridge is unusable

SIOUX FALLS, SD—After the recent flooding the Outdoor Campus Center most popular attraction is being taken away.

“When it was first built the bridge was flat,” said Thea Miller Ryan, Outdoor Campus Center Director. “You can see can the hands rails were just at one level. Over the years there have been a few changes to it; a few floods have come through. But, this last one is what made it unusable.”

The floods waters literally lifted the bridge up and moved it out of place… which has made it dangerous for anyone to be on it…

With the bridge being closed only about half of the campus is available.

“Our trail system is about two miles if you take all three of our trails,” said Ryan. “We have a lot of people who do that every day. So, this is blocking off about a mile of that two mile trail system.”

But this bridge is more than a way to cross the creek, it is a place for memories.

“Photographers are out here all the time taking pictures of the bridge and families out there,” said Ryan. “We have seen some incredible photographs taken from that bridge.”

The bridge will be assessed in about two weeks to determine how to fix it, but until then it will be closed.

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