Businesses Rewind Back To Winter For April Storm

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- This winter storm is forcing different businesses to break the winter gear back out.

For Absolute Green Inc., the blizzard from a year ago taught them a lot of lessons. The Spring like temperatures didn’t fool them this time around.

“We had stuff put away, but it wasn’t to the point where we couldn’t pull it out within 12 hours and that’s what we did yesterday. Like I said I had guys out yesterday doing spring clean ups, and I also had a lot of guys around the shop putting together snow equipment,” said Jeremy Fink, president of Absolute Green Inc.

Fink also wanted folks to know that they get tired of the winter season just as much as the rest of us do. He just wants people to let them do the work for them, saying “Let us do our job, it’s stressful, you know, my guys are out for long periods of time. We’re tired, we’re fatigued, we’re tired of the season just as much as everybody else and we have spring fever also.”

Nyberg’s Ace Hardware on 41st street in Sioux Falls brought out what they didn’t sell over the winter, just in case people were going to need it.

“Definitely have scoop shovels, we have push shovels, we have some ice melt, some of the basic things that we need. But kind of what we’re seeing is, I think everyone is in pretty good shape at this point,” said Rick Swanson, a department manager at Nyberg’s Ace Hardware.

For both businesses, they said that last months large snow pack, and eventual melt and flooding, helped prepare people for this storm.

Either way, both will be all hands on deck just in case customers end up in need of their services.

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