Dramatic Rise in Need for Volunteer Advocates for Children in Court

There has long been a huge need for volunteers when it comes to representing abused or neglected children in local courts.

But the growing crisis with opioid and meth has the need reaching critical levels, advocates for Sioux Falls area Court Appointed Special Advocates tell KDLT News. CASA Sioux Falls is reporting a 60% increase in the number of children referred to the program since 2015. Currently only 43% of children have a volunteer available (with 80 volunteers currently active).

Cris Prendergast, one of our digital and technology experts, told KDLT News Today that it would be incredible if raising awareness of this issue led to a few more people reaching out to help these children.

CASA is currently teaming up with other local businesses, among others, to use gaming to their advantage when it comes to fundraising. The process is easy and it operates, according to Prendergast, a lot like fitness apps (like Nike+) that challenge runners to compete against their friends, or DuoLingo that challenges you to learn a language.

Through its website and the Red Cape event, people can form a team and raise money to earn their red cape by supporting the mission of Sioux Falls CASA. To learn more, click the link here or the interview with volunteer, Prendergast, below.



And then maybe we can talk about CASA for just a little bit? I will also have red capes for us to wear.