Digging Out of the April Snow Storm

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-While many are staying warm indoors, some folks in Sioux Falls had to brave the snowy, cold weather Thursday.

For Sioux Falls resident James Wright, snow days are some of his busiest. He was out scraping ice off his car to get ready for a days work. Wright drives part time for Bite Squad.

“People order food because they don’t want to go out to get it, so they have me get it for them,” said Wright.

As many hope for warmer weather, Wright’s been enjoying the cold.

“Pretty much any weather event we’ve had since October, I’ve been delivering food cause you get more orders when its crappy outside,” said Wright .

Throughout the day, Dean Nolz was also out and about. He was plowing sidewalks.

“The bulk of these homes down this block are all independent senior living homes and so we take care of the sidewalk and lawns for them,” said Nolz.

He works for the Bethany Lutheran Home, a senior nursing and rehabilitation center. Not only is it difficult for these seniors to clear the sidewalks themselves, but staff needs to be able to safely get to them.

“Prescription drugs delivered to them, medical appointments, some of them have in-home care that comes. So we try to keep things clear so they can, you know get the care they need and get around if they need to as well,” said Nolz.

Snow plow crews are also out working to keep the roads clear. Dustin Hansen, the Streets Operation Manager for Sioux Falls wants drivers to be careful as plows are out pushing the snow.

“It’s wet and heavy so a lot of times when they push it into the right-of-ways, it can kind of ball up on us. So just be leary of those big chunks in the curbs and gutters,” said Hansen.

Street crews will continue to be out on the roads until the snow ends. This snow has forced street operations to put a hold on fixing potholes, but they say they’re making progress. Last week they filled 900 of them. With warmer weather on the way, crews hope to get back out as soon as they can.


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