Colman Family Was Ready for Winter Storm Wesley

The Hoyer family was well prepared for winter storm

COLMAN, SD— Many South Dakotans are living in the dark.

“There are still about 8,500 people without power,” said South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem. “Our crews are working to restore that as soon as possible.”

Many lost power Wednesday night but for the Hoyer family who lives in Colman, they were at least ready for storm.

“Early Wednesday morning, we heard that many people in the Chester area already lost power,” said Jessica Hoyer, Colman resident. “So we knew that with our new home going up and the new sump-pump in, we needed to head to Sioux Falls and find a generator.”

The Hoyer’s not only have a generator to keep the necessities like heat.

They also have a camper that they have been living in because their new house is under construction.

“This winter has been great for that, between the cold, the snow and now all this spring weather,” said Jessica.

They also have what the kids feel is an essential; Wi-Fi.

“The night before we didn’t have Wi-Fi; I couldn’t communicate to anyone. So, I was bored. I just went to bed.”

The Hoyer’s have been without normal electricity out for two days now but they remain optimistic.

“With mother nature you can’t predict what is going to happen,” said Jessica. “All the crews are out there fighting as hard as they can, putting in long hours and fighting the weather.”

Gov. Noem still urges residence to heed warnings and stay inside as crews work.

“Just because the roads are open doesn’t mean that everything is clear,” said Noem.


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