Virtuality Gaming Den Is Coming To Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, SD- If you ever wanted to go explore a new place or ride a roller coaster, you don’t have to go too far in the Sioux Falls Area with the new “Virtuality Gaming Den.”

This is the first game room in our area dedicated to virtual reality.  The gaming hot spot includes two virtual reality simulation chairs, two simulation racing chairs, and one room everyone will be “dying” to get to.

“There’s also a free-roam area. It is a shared space where you can put on headsets with your friends, shoot zombies, and be able to see each other in the same space,” says Owner of the Virtuality Gaming Den Kasey Wheeler.

The project took months to complete with some weather setbacks.  But after looking at the reactions of people who try it, the owners say this place is worth the wait.

Wheeler explains, “As you see your vision come together and see it working, it’s very fulfilling. I just didn’t know how much work it was going to be to get here (you know). So having it…now we’re rounding the corner on opening up I’m very excited.”

The creators behind this space are trying to change the “anti-social” nature of video games that often keep gamers held up in their homes to play.   The virtuality den brings gamers together to experience this new way of playing.

“I think the technology was cool and wasn’t really represented in Sioux falls. It kind of filled a nich that (I think) Sioux Falls is really needing right now. We’re going to provide different experiences for people,” says Manager of the Virtuality Gaming Den Matt Cerck.

The den opens May 1st on East 26th Street right next to Overtime Sports Grill.  Eventually, they hope is to start leagues to compete in Electronic sports, otherwise known as E-Sports.

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