Flooding Concerns Rising for Homeowners Near Lake Poinsett

HAMLIN COUNTY, S.D.- Flooding has hit many South Dakota communities hard this season. Folks near Lake Poinsett are already dealing with water pouring onto their property. With more rain expected this week, comes more concern.

Houses and cabins on the edge of the Lake Poinsett are starting to flood. Many of these are summer cabins, so they are empty right now. However, it’s still a stressful time for owners who aren’t here.

“They keep calling and contacting and saying ‘what’s going on?’” said resident Victor Erlacher.

He’s lived near the lake for 15 years. He’s keeping an eye on his neighbors’ houses while they’re are away.

“They’re just really wondering what’s happened to their home because this is their home out here,” said Erlacher.

Erlacher takes daily photos  and video of the lake to keep everyone updated. He posts them to the “Lake Poinsett Estates Campground” Facebook page.

“We’re getting pretty worried about it. The wind is the big issue and we still have moving ice that’s coming across the lake that is doing some damage to cabins,” said Erlacher.

Folks have been doing all they can to try to protect their property, putting up plywood on the sides of their house and lining up sandbags.

It’s a tough season filled with uncertainty, but residents are thankful for all the support.

“We’ve had area schools come In here and help, we’ve had people all over the surrounding area come in here and help sandbag and help save some of the phones,” said  Erlacher.

All some can do now is hope for the best.

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