Postal Service Dog Bites Goes Up in South Dakota

US Postal Service dogs bites goes up by two bites in South Dakota

SIOUX FALLS, SD— The US Postal Service released their 2018 statistics this morning, it said that South Dakota dog bites against postal carrier went up from nine bites to 11 bites this year.

“There are times I just put mail in, and it will just get snatched out of nowhere,” said City Mailcarrier Tommy Heuer. “I look-in and it is just a dog eating the mail.”

Being a US Postman can be a dangerous job.

With dog bites going up in South Dakota for Dog Bite Prevention the carriers go through training and what to do if a dog was to attack.

“Use our satchel as the first line of defense,” said Heuer. “If a dog comes at us, we pull that out and hope that the dog takes that and not us. We also have dog spray. I have never had to use it and I don’t want to use it because I love dogs.”

On his route alone Tommy encounters around ten to fifteen dogs, but he knows where the houses with the most aggressive dogs are with a simple device.

“It means we’re coming up on a house here that has a known vicious dog,” said Heuer. “It is something I have reported, or another carrier has reported, and it gets filed. We get an alert every time were in the area.”

Even with all dangers, it is the people along his route that make it worthwhile.

“They appreciate you and you appreciate them. It just makes the day go by,” said Heuer.

National Bite Awareness Week will be going on all week so be sure to keep your dog secure for carriers safety.

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