The Possibility of Backyard Chickens Within City Limits of Brandon

BRANDON, SD- Stephanie Peterson lives in Brandon on a farm outside of city limits with her 45 chickens.  She runs her own business called “Fruit of the Coop” that provides pasture-raised eggs to restaurants and community members in Brandon.  So she sees first-hand the business benefits of raising chickens in a backyard.

“I really believe strongly that people should be allowed to raise their own food in their backyard, whether that’s having gardens but also having chickens for eggs,” says Advocate and Fruit of the Coop Owner Stephanie Peterson.

On Monday night, the City Council is holding a public forum for community members to express why chickens should or shouldn’t be raised in the backyard of city limits.  If the council decides to go forward and draft the ordinance, people would be allowed to raise 6 hens in their backyards and no roosters.

“I know our City Administrator is talking about one thing he would for sure like to have is that if we were to pass this, we’d have to have a permit. You’d have to have a city permit, no charge. But just so we knew who had the chickens in our community,” says Mayor Paul Lundberg of Brandon.

Besides the potential business benefits, chickens can also protect your garden in more ways than one.

Peterson explains, “They’re great for pest control for backyards. They eat tons of ticks, mosquitoes, and bugs. They also do a lot of fertilization of the yard for people so they can use less synthetic fertilizers and chemicals on their yard.”

City Council members are open to hearing the public’s input.

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