New Report Outlines South Dakota’s Strong International Trade Ties

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – A new report shows South Dakota’s strong trade ties to the international market.

The report from Business Roundtable says the Rushmore state exported $2.9 billion in goods and $1.4 billion in services in 2017.

The top export that year, oilseeds and grains, bringing in $1.6 billion. Meat products accounted for roughly $227 million. The report also outlines South Dakota’s top trade partners.

China, Canada, and Mexico accounted for the top export market for goods. The report says South Dakota’s exports to China have grown by 90 percent since 2007.

Here at home, the international trade market supported nearly 128,000 jobs. That’s roughly one in five jobs around the state. The majority of these fields include distribution, agriculture, and science and tech services.

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