Cybersecurity Conference Held For Sioux Falls Businesses

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – In today’s age, many businesses rely on their online presence. Whether that is a website, or a social media platform, or both.

Experts came to Sioux Falls offering tips to make sure those resources are being used safely.

A cybersecurity conference for businesses was held today at the Sioux Falls Convention Center.

Among the speakers today, U.S. Senator Mike Rounds and an ex FBI agent. Cyber attacks were simulated to show people how to prevent them.

Senator Mike Rounds spoke about tips and tricks being used with cybersecurity at the national level.

There were also tips for small businesses on how to add cybersecurity matters without breaking their budget.

Organizers said businesses of all sizes can benefit from this information.

“I think all of it is applicable to business and enterprise, so this is a part of our workforce needs in this community. And certainly our sponsors and employers today would echo that fact”, said Jason Ball, president of Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce.

This is the second year that the conference has been held.

With growth this year over the last, they hope to continue to host this conference year after year.

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