New 3D Ear Scanning Tech Comes to Sioux Falls

Sound Decision Hearing has a new way to do ear scans

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – At Sound Decision they have technology that is makes doing 3D scans of the ear for hearing devices easier than ever before.

“It’s called the Odoo scan,” said Sound Decision Audiologist Paul Brueggeman.

This laser scanner creates a 3-d image of your ear in a matter of minutes.

“It uses a combination of a high-speed camera and a laser to take very precise imagery shots of the inner ear canal and the outer part of the ear,” said Dr. Brueggeman.

Patients can see their ear being re-created right in front of them.

Dr. Brueggeman said the old way of creating an earpiece was liquid silicone that was placed in a person’s ear to create a hard mold.

Experts say this new way is less intrusive. The clinic has only had the scanner since January, but Dr. Brueggeman thinks it is here to stay.

“I don’t see us going back to going back to doing physical silicon impressions,” said Dr. Brueggeman. “I believe this is going to be the clinically standard.”

Dr. Brueggeman said Sound Decision is the only hearing clinic in all of South Dakota that has this scanner.

For the most part, it used for hearing aids. But occasionally, he also gets other requests.

“I do anywhere between five to ten scans a day, depending on the day. For every purpose, from people wanting most earplugs to block-out their husband’s snoring,” said Brueggeman.

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