Someone You Should Know: Tyler Goldade

NSU junior Goldade made his own organization Mobility Matters

ABERDEEN, SD— Northern State University’s Dakoh Hall for me and you may seem accessible, but for Tyler Goldade, he has to walk all the way around the building where it more accessible.

“Yeah, I wish they had an elevator on both ends of this building and I wish they didn’t have so many steps,” said Goldade.

This inspired Goldade to create the organization mobility matters, which brings awareness to potential barriers for somebody in a wheelchair.

“The post-it notes show places that ain’t accessible, like say a button is too high or their barrier you put a post-it note,” said Goldade.

Goldade is a graphics student at NSU and creates all his own materials and for a project that started as just an idea, it grew into changing the way people see the world.

“He can’t come into our house because there is steps,” said Sara Christensen Blair, Professor of Art at Northern State. “Unless it is just the backyard and that unfortunate. Even on a personal level that made me see my house isn’t accessible and that made me kind of sad but also what can we do about it.”

Although the campus has not seen much physical change it has started a dialogue among the university staff.

“I think overall philosophy wise we think that our campus is accessible many times its more so compliant,” said Dorris Stusiak, Director of Disabilities.

Goldade has also created a blog that has also for people to even understand more of what he goes through on a daily basis.

“You can just go up to a door and open it. Whereas for me I have to push a button and hopefully, the button works or else I have to sit there and wait for somebody to open it,” said Goldade.

Mobility Matters includes a GoFundMe page to raise money to purchase two automatic door openers that will ensure easy access


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