Rural Roads in Lincoln County Still in Rough Shape

LINCOLN COUNTY, S.D. – Incredible stories continue throughout counties in South Dakota affected by flooding.
From Yankton County families having to carry groceries a half mile because they can’t make it home, to stories like this out of Lincoln County.

“Once you get a heavy truck stuck you hope a heavy-duty wrecker can get to it to pull it out. When it does get it out the road is so torn up it may be un-usable most of the summer.” Said Harold Timmerman with Lincoln County Emergency Management.

He says frost thaw combined with heavy spring rainfall has created dangerously weak gravel roads.

“Many soft spots to where, the people that live on these roads can hardly get back and forth to their jobs, or kids to school,” Timmerman said.

School bus routes are hard surface road only for most of the county because of this reason.

Harold Timmerman has been working for Lincoln County for 15 years. We asked him if he has ever experienced issues to this magnitude before.

He stated, “No. We’ve had several disaster declarations and some road issues. I’ve lived in this part of the country all my life and I’ve never seen roads broken up like they are now.”

Gravel roads owned by the townships have been hit the hardest. Not having the money needed to hire contractors to fix the roads, and they don’t have enough for their regular supplies either.

Timmerman said the key throughout this is patience, and they’ve had to be patient for a long time already.

“Everybody’s patience is being tried to the limit, whether you’re a person that lives on these roads, or a farmer that’s trying to do his farming operation.” Said Timmerman.

Much of the farmland throughout the county are still underwater, and farmers can’t work on it.

Even if they could, Timmerman says most gravel roads wouldn’t be able to handle the heavy farm equipment at this point in time.

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