O’Gorman Football Gets the #1 Helmet on the Market

O'Gorman Football program is getting new and improved helmets

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- “Safety is the number one concern,” said O’Gorman Head Football Coach Jayson Poppinga.

According to a study done by the national federation of state high school associations, football participation has dropped more than six and a half percent (6.6) over the past decade.

“You look around the country and participation for football is going down and one of the leading causes that has been brought up is safety issues,” said Poppinga.

But, within that decade the technology for helmets and safety gear has advanced tremendously.

That includes, the VICIS ZERO1 helmet, which the knights will be converting to next season.

“It’s like buying a car,” said Poppinga. “We had a safe helmet; the helmet’s we had were on the approved list. They’re definitely safe helmets. But we felt that this helmet if a kid was in that situation would possibly save their season or their career.”

The helmet is made for that in-case of a head to head collision; its deformable shell collapses around the players head to protect the head and neck, similar to a car crash.

“Statistically you look at the information given out, especially by VICIS, from their independent lab tests. They are second to none,” said Poppinga.

More than 1200 high schools and 150 college and professional teams have made the switch to the ZERO1.

But the Knights will be the first team in South Dakota to make the switch.

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