New South Dakota Themed Exhibits Unveiled at Washington Pavilion

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Dinosaurs have made their way to South Dakota, along with a number of other state-themed exhibits.

The Washington Pavilion unveiled a new space on the third floor of the Kirby Science Discovery Center. Complete with roaring dinosaurs, a rock quarry, and other hands-on exhibits.

The exhibits are a tribute to all things South Dakota.

Washington Pavilion staff say it took more than a year to research, design, build, and install the new exhibits. The improvements are part of a multi-year effort to refurbish and reenergize the Kirby Science Discovery Center, for kids.

“To have them not only have fun but then through the fun, you see a light bulb goes on, they go ‘Boy, maybe I could be a paleontologist’ or maybe ‘I could work in a quarry as an engineer’ or whatever. It is really fulfilling to see that and that’s where a big part of what we think about when we create anything,” says Washington Pavilion Director Jason Folkerts.

Washington Pavilion members can visit the exhibits for free. Daily admission rates are $14 for adults and $7 for kids.

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