Shannon Petersen Has Been a Real Catch for Augie Softball

Shannon Petersen Has Been a Real Catch for Augie Softball

SIOUX FALLS, SD…Every at-bat is a new challenge for the analytical mind of Shannon Petersen.

Shannon Petersen, Augustana Catcher:”I kind of see pitchers as puzzles. I see the subtleties. Like once I see something and I know what they’re going to throw I definitely take advantage of that. Like if I see a little blip in their change-up, like in their wind-up I know that’s coming and I’m going to take advantage of that…”

After solving a pitcher at the plate, she goes behind it to help Augustana hurlers bring opponents to pieces.

Petersen says:”I know how to like if they miss their spots I know how to make them smile and have fun, to get back into the game and be their best…”

Shannon has been taking this analytical approach since her days at Edina High School, and it’s translated well to college.

Gretta Melsted, Augustana Softball Coach says:”Shannon just has really great hand-eye coordination. Her stick is fantastic and you know the other thing with Shannon is that she is phenomenal at picking pitches and seeing a lot of tendencies that pitchers do…so she actually looks at it like it’s a puzzle and tries to solve the puzzle and a lot of the times she is right…”

With a nearly .360 career average, more than 250 career hits and 221 career RBI, Petersen has been anchor over the last four years at Augie.

Petersen says:”I love catching because I can control the game and just let everyone know they’re in the game and they are doing great…”

Who hopes to piece together one more deep run in the NCAA Tournament.

Zach Borg, KDLT Sports.

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